Anvelopa 100/90-19 57H MC 50 TL MITAS

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Sport tire noted for its modern sports design and sporty riding characteristics.

All our racing experiences are combined into MC 50 sports tire noted for its modern sports design and sporty driving characteristics. Its tread pattern ends already before the edge of the tire shoulder to facilitate an optimum contact patch at maximum lean angles.

The MC 50 Tires are classified in the segment of high-speed bias ply tires. MC 50 ensures the maximum grip in all weather conditions and best balanced lifetime.

MC 50 is available in normal and racing compounds.

Available racing compounds:
Soft – for riding at mid temperatures and on mid rough surfaces
Super Soft – for rainy and cold weather when the riding surface is smooth

Informații suplimentare

Greutate 4.94 kg
Dimensiuni 66.26 × 10 × 66.26 cm






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