Anvelopa 150/70-18 70T E-07 DAKAR TL MITAS

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Highly popular adventure tire designed for 50% road and 50% off road use.


E-07 is worldwide known adventure tire and excellent choice for adventure riders who look for a true 50/50 tire.

It is also available in the Dakar version (marked yellow stripe) – a durable and stronger tire suitable for higher loads, longer adventure trips and extreme conditions.



Can I combine E-07 and E-07+?
A variety of tests on different bikes and under different conditions confirmed that E-07+ is fully compatible with E-07. They can be fitted as a pair (e.g. E-07 front, E-07+ rear). 
Can I combine the standard and DAKAR versions? 
To ensure optimal riding performance, we recommend using the same version on the front and the rear wheel. However, if you would like to combine the standard and the DAKAR versions, we advise that you fit the standard version on the front wheel and the DAKAR on the rear wheel. 
Will E-07 be discontinued? 
E-07 will not be discontinued, we will only replace the selected sizes with E-07+.
What tyre pressure should I use?
Please follow the recommendations from your motorcycle user manual. If you lower tyre pressure for off-road use, do not forget to adjust and increase it when going back on-road.

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Greutate 8.33 kg
Dimensiuni 66.72 × 15 × 66.72 cm








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